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If you are looking for a treatment agency that treats clients with respect and dignity, you will find that here. We offer services based on your needs, to fully comply with all court orders, and DMV requirements. Whenever you are ready, we are here to help. you become your best person, so you can live your best life.

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Center For Change, LLC is a drug, alcohol, and domestic violence treatment facility licensed and approved by the State of Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, the Department of Human Services, and the State of Colorado Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB). 

We provide drug and alcohol education and therapeutic groups, which are prescribed by statute and regulation, in an outpatient setting via ZOOM for persons convicted of DWAI (driving while ability impaired), DUI (driving under the influence), and DV (domestic violence). We also provide anger management, cognitive restructuring, MRT, parenting, trauma, and relapse prevention groups. Individual therapy is available as well.  

Our services are available to all counties in Colorado. We also welcome out-of-state offenders and have many years of experience helping clients satisfy out of state sentences. 

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