Additional Services

Interlock Enhancement Counseling - Interlock counseling which may count as 10 therapy hours


Anger Management - 12 week anger management treatment

Cognitive Restructure - Group cognitive restructure treatment

Individual Therapy - By appointment at our Lakewood and Westminster locations

MRT - Moral Reconation Therapy is offered at our Lakewood office

Parenting Classes - Parenting classes are held at our Lakewood location.  Please call for schedule.


Relapse Prevention - Group relapse prevention treatment

Substance Abuse Evaluation - By appointment

Urine Analysis - Please call for same sex staff availability

Out of State Offender - We are very experienced in helping clients satisfy court requirements for offenses which occurred in another state.

DMV - There are many options for having your driver license reinstated and we are more than happy to assist you in that process including DMV hearings and Interlock requirements.